1. Singing from the same hymn sheet = If people are singing from the same hymn sheet, they are expressing the same opinions in public.
example : Fathia and nanda made the same comment about a draw between AC Milan vs FC.barca as Singing from the same hymn sheet.

2. Talk the talk, walk the walk = you say you can do something, you can do what you say you can do.
example : The council can only talk the talk, but there never was a walk the walk.

3. The elephant in the room = An elephant in the room is a problem that everyone knows very well but no one talks about because it is taboo, embarrassing, etc.
example : the laws in Indonesia existing at this time as The elephant in the room.

4. Pass to the monkey = loss or be sneaky
example : The corruptor  in this country are the ones who Pass to the monkey.

5. All hands to the deck = Something that you say when everyone’s help is needed, especially to do a lot of work in a short amount of time
Example : all of Indonesia’s national team players must help each other to defeat the enemy before it adds a lot to all hands on deck.